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Greener Cleener Meet or Beat Price Quote

Indoor pollution from common household cleaners can be avoided by making smart choices for everyday cleaning products. The Greener Cleener products made of biodegradable, naturally derived materials that are free of known or suspected carcinogenic substances and synthetic chemicals. The company, which donates a portion of all profits to Avow Hospice and the Environmental Working Group, is currently offering a summer “meet or beat” price quote promotion for onsite cleaning services.

In addition to causing or exacerbating short-term health issues like headaches, asthma and allergic reactions, studies by the World Health Organization and National Cancer Institute have shown that toxic buildup has been linked to developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD, diabetes, degenerative disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, and birth defects. Many traditional common cleaning products that may contain mutagens, carcinogens and neurotoxins, including chlorine, dioxin and petroleum-based mixtures, have also been shown to negatively affect the endocrine system and immune function.

“If you use chlorine bleach and ammonia and other toxic chemicals to clean the clothes your children wear, the plates that they eat off of and the carpets they lounge on to watch TV, you are not alone,” says Karma Cowan, owner of the family-owned and operated business. “We offer simple, affordable solutions. All products are made from safe materials, and preference is given to locally-grown and made goods, and sustainability is always our priority.”

For more information, call 239-404-7102, email [email protected] or visit

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