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Pan Gu Shengong: Cultivating and Circulating Life Energy

Jan 31, 2013 02:23PM ● By Lee Walker

Master Ou and Susan DeFlavis

“Take kindness and benevolence as basis. Take frankness and friendliness to heart,” advises Grand Qigong Master Wen Wei Ou, the originator of Pan Gu Shengong and its tenets. This mystical form of qigong is designed to absorb the essence of qi (energy) from the universe in order to purify the soul, strengthen the life force and bring better health to the body.

Beyond Pan Gu Shengong’s simple exercises for cultivating and circulating life energy to achieve a balance of energy, its philosophy of kindness and charity is practiced in everyday affairs and associations with people. “When interacting with others, speak with reason, treat with courtesy, act with emotion and accomplish result,” says Master Ou, who will return to Southwest Florida March 9 through 12 to offer workshops and private healing treatments at Unity Church of Bonita Springs.

A wide variety of qigong forms popular in China and throughout the world are intended to help individuals improve their health on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Although this may seem to be a tall order for a meditative practice with subtle exercises, Susan DeFlavis, a local Pan Gu Shengong practitioner, has performed this mystical form of qigong since 2003 and can wholeheartedly attest to the possibilities that manifest when the power and energy of the universe are consistently accessed daily. She once suffered from cerebral hypoxia (severe brain damage), chronic gastritis, an ulcer, arthritis, a severe liver condition and other health challenges.

“I tried many different modalities to heal my body and mind. Pan Gu was the only practice that had lasting and increasingly beneficial results which led to deep healing. I believe that the body has a natural inclination to heal itself, and that a committed practice brings the body into harmony and balance by tapping into the universal life force,” says DeFlavis.

Now healthy and robust, DeFlavis is recognized worldwide as a leading Pan Gu Shengong instructor. In 2008, her outstanding contribution to the world in qigong was noted at the International Conference on Health and Longevity, in Beijing, China. DeFlavis now specializes in Chinese Energetic Medicine and is currently completing her training as a doctor in medical qigong.

Location for workshops: Unity Church, 28285 Imperial Pkwy. For more information or to register for workshops or private sessions, call DeFlavis at 239-947-3977 or 239-340-1036, email [email protected] or visit

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