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A Loverly Month

Jan 25, 2013 12:44AM

When Jill Crosby, founder of the Conscious Dating Network, approached me about Natural Awakenings joining their network of dating websites, it instantly felt like a match made in heaven. Although I haven’t yet used an online dating service, a third of U.S. singles have. How wonderful, I thought, if our readers had a way to meet like-minded enthusiasts on a dating site that reflects the vision and mission of their favorite natural living magazine?

A close friend had just taken me on a tour of an e-dating community she recently joined, showing me the responses she received the first week. I thought, “Gee, I just don’t resonate with these guys; they don’t feel like other members of my tribe that I encounter at local places and events that feed my body, mind and spirit. Many of our readers must have a similar need that we’re not yet meeting.”

So this month, I’m happy to announce that more than 80 Natural Awakenings publishers around the country are joining me in launching To kick off the excitement, members also will have immediate access to the 60,000 members already active in the Conscious Dating Network.

Because geography counts, each publisher will be focusing locally, and we intend to fill our Southwest Florida community membership with loving, caring spirits ready to meet their soulmates. With love in the air and Cupid’s arrow already working overtime, February is the perfect month to enrich our love life. To encourage you to take the leap into fresh possibilities, we are offering a special, month-long Valentine’s Day promotion, with a discounted upgrade from the basic free listing.

Whether single, married or in transition, nurturing, loving relationships of all kinds, including our primary connection with the Divine, is what matters most in life. I recently learned that we each have something called a “love set-point”; the upper limit of our ability to give and receive love, and that we can raise it higher until we experience everything through the eyes of love.

What is your love set-point? Is it time to push through old, limiting boundaries? Maybe it’s time to ramp up love’s expression? It can start as easily as choosing to love yourself unconditionally and accepting yourself as worthy exactly the way you are. Brimming with loving energy welling up from inside, you’ll naturally expend it and be a blessing to all you meet.

Together, let’s raise the love vibration in Southwest Florida and the whole planet. Let our loving kindnesses ripple out to everyone and everything. Our love is powerful enough to light up the world.

Wishing you big love in this bold, new age,




Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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