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Stop Smoking with Vape King: E-Cigarettes May Also Aid Weight Loss

Jan 24, 2013 06:50PM ● By Lily Viola.

Laura and Marcus Kaman, owners of Vape King, in Bonita Springs, get a great deal of satisfaction from helping smokers kick the habit with the help of the company’s electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs.

Created in the shape and color of a cigarette, Vape King’s e-cigs look and feel like the real thing. Battery operated and rechargeable, they even light up and deliver nicotine via a nearly odorless, smoke-like vapor each time users take a puff. Marcus kicked his 20-year smoking habit by using e-cigs, which is why he and Laura believe wholeheartedly in the product and decided to become first-time entrepreneurs.

“Although I never smoked a real cigarette, I took Marcus up on his suggestion to experience what we call ‘vaping’ and the simple process of operating and maintaining an e-cigarette so I could speak knowledgably to our customers. Unintentionally, I lost 10 pounds,” says Laura, who clarifies that she did not vape with nicotine, only the flavors of foods she loves.

From cheesecake to pomegranate or even pizza flavors, vaping allows individuals in pursuit of weight loss to enjoy the tastes of their favorite foods without the calories. “There is no ash, smoke or smell, so people can enjoy vaping in public places where smoking is banned,” Laura enthuses.

Individuals that are heavy smokers may need as much as 24 milligrams of nicotine when they begin—the goal of vaping is to help users feel satisfied without experiencing withdrawal effects. “Each time a customer returns to the store for a refill, they are craving less nicotine, so we help them customize the amount they need based on their level of satisfaction,” remarks Laura. She offers an example of a client that regularly smoked two packs per day. He began vaping with 24 milligrams of nicotine, dropped to 18 and eventually to 6 before quitting. Like many of the Kamans’ clients, he continues to vape.

“Vaping can be so satisfying that clients quit using nicotine and substitute any of the 200 flavors that we sell,” says Laura, who points out that the savings are also particularly attractive. One cartridge of e-liquid, which is the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes, costs $8.

Location: ServUs Center, 28441 S. Tamiami Trl., Bonita Springs. For more information, call 239-948-2344 or visit

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