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Sunshine Pharmacy Health and Wellness Center

Jan 02, 2013 05:41PM ● By Lillie Viola

Determining which supplements can best meet individual needs requires the type of sound information offered by knowledgeable health professionals such as Sherrill Natzke, director of marketing sales and education for the Sunshine Pharmacy Health and Wellness Center, in Naples. Natzke, an ambassador for Cancer Treatment Centers of America, works hand-in-hand with nutritionists, naturopathic physicians and family doctors to keep them informed of any dietary changes or supplements that she recommends, particularly those that must be coordinated with prescription medications.

“Our pharmaceutical-grade supplements, also carried by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, are third-party tested by legitimate companies and do not contain junk fillers,” advises Natzke, a 10-year cancer survivor who enjoys teaching a series of classes that educate the public on health, wellness and prevention. “I practice what I teach, and believe that an increasing number of individuals are interested in how they can maintain or optimize their health.”

She says the challenging part is knowing where to start and what to take. “That’s why we begin our series with an in-depth health assessment,” notes Natzke, who emphasizes that her simple approach to becoming a participant in maintaining or improving health isn’t overwhelming. “I take pride in talking with people in layman’s language about mind/body/spirit wellness, rather than talking at them in medical jargon. I also believe in incremental changes, which is why I urge participants to implement at least one new thing they learn from a class. In the following class, they add something else. By the end of the series, they are on their way to higher levels of health and wellness,” she explains.

For a schedule of free Jan. classes—The Six Dimensions of Wellness, Tip-to-Toe Health and the Three Deadly S’s—visit Sunshine Pharmacy, 6350 Davis Blvd., Naples. For more information, call Sherrill Natzke at 810-252-9375 or 239-530-3784, option 1. For additional pharmacy locations, visit (Classes are held at the Davis Blvd. center only.)

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