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YOLLO Wellness: Building a Family-Centered Legacy of Health

Nov 30, 2012 01:25PM ● By Linda Sechrist

The Law family

Research into alternative methods for healing a series of family injuries in 2009 started Wendy Law on a learning adventure. The positive results not only helped to restore full health to her two daughters, but also led to healing Law’s own health challenges, which stemmed from a serious accident in 1997 and 18 ensuing operations. The pursuit also yielded a new family business: YOLLO (You Only Live Life Once) Wellness. “We wanted to offer the community the opportunity to reap the benefits from all the therapeutic equipment, devices, products and professional services that we have used to get well and stay well,” says Law.

Within a period of several months, Law’s daughter, Paige, suffered a leg injury with nerve damage while playing soccer, and her other daughter, Amber, suffered a mild concussion. After three months of wearing a boot, Paige’s injury still hadn’t healed. “When I read about how hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy can speed healing, I went online and found a provider in Georgia. After three chamber sessions, deep tissue massage and electromagnetic therapy, her leg healed, with no nerve damage,” advises Law. She notes that with the diagnostic use of Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) and therapeutic chamber sessions, Amber was also symptom-free. ImPACT provides computerized, neurocognitive assessment tools and was developed to assist qualified practitioners in determining an athlete’s ability to safely return to play following concussions.

Law and her husband, Rod, were so excited with the results achieved with the use of the hyperbaric chamber that they purchased one and began offering sessions in a local doctor’s office. “It felt good to watch as people were healed from numerous physical problems, so I became even more excited and proposed to Rod that we start our own business. He was skeptical at first, because oxygen therapy and ImPACT, as well as what we found next—a thermographic camera for breast screenings and full-body scans that can detect inflammation and disease—aren’t covered by insurance,” explains Law.

She learned about the camera from Stan Headley, M.D., a physician consultant for Meditherm Inc., a leader in digital infrared thermal imaging. “Dr. Headley is now affiliated with YOLLO Wellness, and we feel very blessed to have his knowledge about natural approaches to health, including vitamins and supplements, as well as technologies for early detection of cancer,” notes Law.

Headley, who specializes in naturopathic medicine, introduced Law to the importance of a wellness and prevention regimen that includes pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, supplements and essential oils. “He also introduced me to live cell and dry cell analysis, an antigen leukocyte antibody test (ALCAT). I am a trained, certified nutritional consultant in how to conduct this food intolerance/sensitivity test that measures adverse reactions to dietary substances,” says Law, who took the test herself and discovered that many of her symptoms were related to food allergies.

“The hyperbaric chamber helps with inflammation and many health problems. Thermography and live cell analysis are visual tools that allow us to see how the body is responding to treatments and wellness programs, which include dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s exciting to bring all this together under one roof, in addition to the concussion testing that we do,” enthuses Law.

Quality of life is important to Law and her entire family. “We created YOLLO Wellness not only because we only live life once, but also because Ron and I wanted to create a legacy of wellness. We just started chapter two of our lives, with a new purpose: to make a difference by helping other people be healthy and enjoy their life. We don’t just do this with our services and products; we also do it through patient education. It’s our way of giving back to our community, and it’s been very rewarding,” says Law.

YOLLO Wellness, Premier Executive Center, 5237 Summerlin Commons Blvd., Ste. 116, Fort Myers. For more information or appointments, call 239-275-0039 or visit

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