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Sowing Seeds for a Beautiful Life: A local author and skincare specialist helps others shine from within.

Oct 31, 2012 07:24PM ● By Lee Walker

“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.” ~ H.G. Wells

From Helen Noble’s perspective, the beautiful truth of who we really are is more likely to be seen through the connection between an open heart and mind than via the eyes and brain, which are meant for taking in and interpreting the exterior world. The owner of BelaCrema, a line of natural skincare products, and the author of 25,000 Seeds: Where Love Grows, Noble believes that her career in the world of beauty and skincare chose her so that she could use her gifts and talents to educate individuals about how to delve below superficial layers of beauty to mine the treasures of the soul.

Noble views skincare as a form of self-care that holds a deeper potential for cultivating unconditional loving-kindness and compassion towards one’s self. “Initially, when I began giving local presentations on skincare and beauty tips, I had moments when I felt that I was being superficial, but then I realized that I had a larger opportunity to plant seeds which could grow into deeper realizations about the kind of beauty that shines forth from within when we are happy, know ourselves deeply and have meaningful lives, a sense of purpose and a connection to a power that is far larger than ourselves,” she advises. “Even when we live from that place, I feel that we still can’t understand just how fabulous we really are without the makeup, hairstyles and fashions that we use to make ourselves feel beautiful.”

To invite her clients and audiences to raise their awareness about how answering life’s most pertinent questions—why am I here, what is my purpose, am I being my best self every day, am I sharing my

Helen Noble
Helen Noble
unique gifts with the world—can lead to a happier existence, Noble wrote her first novel and wove in some of her valuable life lessons. “I plant the seeds in my talk and the book fertilizes them,” Noble quips, noting that she felt led to include several recipes that are allegorical for situations that are blended or stirred up between characters. “It was my way of satisfying my desire to write a cookbook, which I haven’t gotten around to yet.”

As a way of being of service to the world, Noble is committed to helping women feel more beautiful and in control of their happiness. She is hopeful that just as in the fields she includes in her narrative, the majority of seeds that she plants in the hearts of her readers will grow into a beautiful harvest.

“When I was cycling in Ohio several years ago, I learned that the rule of thumb for an abundant harvest from one acre of corn, wheat, sunflowers or barley requires planting 25,000 seeds. If I can inspire that many women to open up to loving and caring for themselves in a more compassionate way, there will be 25,000 more role models to help lead others to a more beautiful life,” Noble says with a big smile.

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