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Sprague Therapy: Providing Natural, Effective Solutions to Pain

Aug 30, 2012 05:55PM ● By Susan Aimes

Lisa Sprague’s fascination with the body and its anatomy led her to careers in physical therapy and massage therapy, which she knew would afford her a lifetime of learning and personal satisfaction. The owner of Sprague Therapy, in Naples, this 30-year veteran of her craft appreciates any opportunity to add to her education about the body’s physical form.

She is also enthused to learn different techniques, technologies and modalities such as the cranial release technique, which works from the inside out to restore proper function to the nervous system and balance to the body’s structure. Even more than continued education from schools and universities that specialize in subjects that enhance Sprague’s skills, she enjoys how her own physically active lifestyle has added more depth to her understanding of the human body.

Athletically inclined, Sprague played several sports, including volleyball and softball, while attending college. As a graduate of the United States Sports Academy, in Daphne, Alabama, Sprague had a springboard from which to work with athletes in the area of exercise physiology. “I enjoyed working in physical therapy rehab environments that gave me the opportunity to blend my skills in the rehabilitation of injured athletes, including those at the professional and Olympic level,” Sprague recalls.

Eventually, her love of a good physical workout and a desire to strengthen her body led Sprague to participate in non-collegiate women’s powerlifting. “Unfortunately, shortly after I was ranked third in the nation, a driver crossed a median strip and hit my car. The injuries to my body ended my career in competitive powerlifting,” says Sprague.

Following a more recent rear-end collision, she again sought chiropractic care, massage and various other treatments, but they did not completely eliminate her chronic pain. “I tried everything, and almost everything helped to a limited degree. However, I still struggled with pain and lack of strength in my legs until a doctor used a handheld reflex biofeedback device on me,” advises Sprague, whose phenomenal response to a single treatment inspired her to purchase the RITM SCENAR Pain Therapy Device, which is FDA-approved for acute and chronic pain and as an adjunct therapy for postoperative pain.

“After I left the doctor’s office on that first visit, I walked up a flight of stairs later that day and noticed that I had more strength in my legs,” says Sprague. “In that moment, I knew that I needed to know more about the device for myself and my clients. After four treatments, my pain decreased by about 75 percent.”

Location: 12840 Tamiami Trail N., Ste. 300, Naples. Call 239-821-1223 or visit

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