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New Ways to Lose Those Cellulite Dimples

Apr 27, 2012 01:07PM ● By Lee Walker

Women may love the dimples that help light up their faces when they smile, but they don’t appreciate them on their thighs, buttocks or upper arms. According to Bruce Katz, M.D., medical director of Juva Skin & Laser Center, in New York City and a clinical professor of dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, increased incidence of cellulite in women is related to hormonal changes and the anatomy of septa—fibrous bands of skin tissue that surround fat cells and keep them in place.

To help make cellulite dimples disappear, Shelle Misiorowski, owner of Naples tech-hip spa Trim & Tone, uses VelaShape, in conjunction with Exilis, another non-surgical device that melts fat cells and rejuvenates the production of collagen. VelaShape targets the adipose connective tissue level, which is largely composed of body fat separated by septa, which becomes hard and rigid as we age. The pressure on fat cells by the septa causes the fat cells to become buoyant and push upward through the spaces between the septa fibers, causing dimpling.

“VelaShape is the first and only FDA-approved, non-surgical, non-invasive technology that combines powerful energies such as radio frequencies and infrared heat to reduce the volume and appearance of fat tissue and cellulite,” Misiorowski explains. “It works well with Exilis, which harnesses the power of ultrasound vibrations and radio frequency energy to liquefy cellulite on the abdomen, hips and thighs. Faster, visible results happen when I combine the two treatments. I’ve also seen immediate results when treating the face, neck, arms, knees, back and buttocks,” advises Misiorowski, who regularly receives referrals from area plastic surgeons.

“When we add a VacuStep workout to the regimen, results are amazing,” she adds. The elliptical VacuStep machine features a low-impact, fat-burning chamber. The equipment directly activates blood circulation in the body’s major cellulite zones of hips, buttocks, stomach and thighs, and users typically see impressive results after only four weeks.

Depending upon an individual’s diet and exercise routines, Misiorowski reports that maintenance is necessary every six to 12 months.

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