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New Neurofeedback System Can Help with ADHD

SharpBrain, a new, highly engaging, effective and drug-free educational system designed to help children and teens with attention problems, makes learning attention skills easy and fun. By utilizing innovative technologies that interface brainwave neurofeedback with immersive video game experiences, participants can increase their skills and motivation to stay more attentive by controlling the gaming action.

Developed by educators and scientists, the SharpBrain system allows students to view their attention levels in real time and learn to control them while progressively challenging players to achieve higher levels of focus and concentration. Participants can improve attention skills that are necessary to thrive in the classroom, home and other settings. SharpBrain also provides comprehensive coaching to transition what is learned through the technologies into lasting results that include finishing homework on time, ignoring distractions and daydreaming less, and improvement in grades, attitude, behavior and social skills.

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