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Here's to Being "Super Rich"

Jun 02, 2011 09:18AM

Following the release of his latest book, Super Rich: A Guide To Having It All, earlier this year, Russell Simmons—the godfather of hip hop—Twittered a simple question: “What would you do if you were Super Rich?”

Simmons was humbled and encouraged by the answers he received. Most expressed a compassion and commitment to service to others, he said, such as:

“I would rebuild Haiti."
"I would buy an apartment building to give the homeless a second chance."
“I would make sure low-income mothers would have affordable daycare.”

Few Tweeted that they would buy themselves a new car or a watch, and few wrote about taking their dream vacation, or even improving their house. Almost to a person, the responses put the needs of others first. It’s that message at the core of Super Rich that inspired writer Bill Van Arsdale to interview the enterprising businessman for our annual Mens’ Wellness issue.

Enlightened masters through the ages have taught that happiness and true richness is the state of needing nothing. So, why is it that happy, selfless workers that operate from a state of contented abundance can famously find themselves materially rich? And how can it be that gains may come about more quickly for them than for self-centered individuals focused only on chasing money and bottom line results? Simmons suggests some answers from his own observations and experience.

We have to ask: What would happen if everyone in the world operated from this more enlightened point of view? People completely immersed in the process of helping the people around them do and be better would certainly speed remedies to problems. If you look around, you’ll probably find good examples of such folks. You’ll recognize them by their satisfied smile.

I’d like to recognize some of the spiritually wealthy givers that have contributed to the richness of my life, starting with longtime friend, John Patton, who shares his Father’s Day story. John has provided me with expert acupuncture, nutritional counseling and psychotherapy throughout the years.

Dr. William Lovett has offered me safe, mercury-free dentistry when other dentists considered it crazy. He has assured me that one day, medical organizations will catch up with us.

Life Coach David Essel is always inspiring people like me to greater heights. This month, we discuss his mind/body/spirit-based addiction recovery program; he is a personal testimony to its success.

Frank DeNardis is like an adopted grandfather to me, and because of him, my yard is blessed with fruit trees. Learn more about my favorite, the mango. I can see the low hanging fruit as I write.

Similarly, every edition of Natural Awakenings is the result of the service and passion of people committed to your well-being. From our talented headquarters team to the extraordinary people that provide their beneficial natural health and sustainable living services and resources. I am grateful for the wonderful smiling connections we all enjoy each month in the shelter of these pages.

Here’s to being super rich,

 Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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