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Letter from the Publisher

In the midst of pulling together this Women’s Wellness issue, I’ve been fitting in playtime during a rare window of opportunity to visit with my mother and four sisters. These five women are among the greatest gifts to my life and have helped shape the woman I am today.

“Having a Sister Makes You Happier” headlines an article in The Daily Mail about a study that found that people who have sisters are generally happier, more optimistic, less stressed and better at coping with life’s problems. Other studies have reached similar conclusions.

I know that I am happier because my sisters have always been there for me through thick and thin. They’re on my side, ready to take care of me.

In my teen years, having sisters also brought expanded access to wardrobe choices. Although this sometimes spilled over into upsets when favorite pieces were returned unwashed or torn or simply disappeared, I learned how to share and not become too attached to possessions. On the flip side, l learned how to go after and get what I want, then fight to keep it.

Having sisters has encouraged me to laugh when things seem to be at their worst. And dance with abandonment whenever I can.
Together, we mastered the art of small talk; we can nitpick a subject to death or laugh for hours about nothing. Our conversations gave me the courage to freely state an opinion, spread my wings and sometimes fall on my face.

Sisters offer unsolicited opinions and will tell you the truth about your hair, makeup, clothes and the guys you date, as well as your character—truths you may know but don’t want to face. Through the years, my sisters have taught me how to look out for each other and what loyalty means.

Most importantly, they have helped me discover how to be me, and that no matter what, I will still be loved. Because of our relationships, I believe that I am a better mother, aunt and girlfriend.

Throughout Natural Awakenings this month, you’ll find a celebration of the glorious feminine spirit dedicated to supporting you and all the women in your life. As we acknowledge the blessings of mothering, I send a special Happy Mother’s Day to my 88-year-old mother and give gratitude for my own daughter, Alina.

Next month it’s your turn, guys, with our Men’s Wellness issue, and I just might tell you about my three brothers! But everyone will find plenty of tips and resources that apply to both genders in each edition.

Happy blossoming,

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher

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