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Deep Truth: Author Gregg Braden Helps Us See Ourselves in a New Way

Feb 28, 2011 04:21PM ● By Lee Walker

From The Isaiah Effect to his soon-to-be-released Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate, author Gregg Braden seeks to build a new wisdom. He uses the latest science and spiritual discoveries to explain how and why humanity has come to see itself in an incomplete way, due to perspectives based on a chain of linear knowledge, which has been broken twice throughout the centuries. “It is ancient spiritual traditions that have informed us that our present view of ourselves and the world significantly lacks details—such as, we are empowered in ways of healing and meant to solve problems through cooperation, rather than conflict,” says Braden.

While our culture has grown to trust the language of science, Braden cautions that, even as good as it gets, science has made a series of seriously incorrect assumptions which are now the basis for our entire civilization. “Unfortunately, these assumptions have deeply affected how we see the world and solve our problems,” he advises.

Looking once again to build a new wisdom with spiritual traditions and science, in Deep Truth, Braden reveals the four scientific discoveries of life’s origin, human history, the origin of war and the tipping point of human survival, that change the way we’ve been taught to think of ourselves in the past.

“We need this new wisdom to use in the coming eight to 10 years, which is all the time we have to prepare for solutions to climate change, the growing shortages of fresh water and food, a burgeoning global population, the emergence of new diseases and the growing number of military conflicts that are converging into regional wars,” advises Braden.

APRIL 1 & 2

“Today and in the near future, we are being asked to make choices from which we are enacting policies and laws that affect our ability to survive the greatest crises in human history,” says Braden, who asks a very important question: “How can we know what choices to make, what policies and laws to enact, how to build sustainable economies, share life-saving technology and bridge the issues that tear at the fabric of society until we solve the single mystery that remains at the heart of our existence: who are we?”

Braden will explore these issues during a special program at Unity of Naples on April 1-2, using a synthesis of easy-to-understand science and the wisdom traditions of the past to explore the deep truth at the root of humankind’s greatest crises. He will also describe how new discoveries hold the key to life-affirming changes that we can make in our personal lives, as well as collectively in our families, communities and in the world.

“This program is a wake-up call to the ideas that threaten our existence, and a vehicle to spotlight the lifesaving discoveries that give meaning and hope for the new world that is emerging before our eyes,” he enthuses.

Time: 7-10 p.m., April 1 and 9 a.m.-4 p.m., April 2. Cost: $150 for both days. Location: 2000 Unity Way, Naples 34112. For more information, call 239-775-3009 or visit

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