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Unique Fitness Approach by Naples Trainer Kentos

Naples-based body/mind fitness trainer Martin Kentos believes that one can rid the mind of negative thinking and habits and replace them with positive thoughts and patterns, leading to a healthier, more fit body and calmer, well-balanced mind. His empowering philosophy, using the distinctive symbolism of two monkeys, can be learned by visiting his website.

“The blue monkey stands for positive thoughts, and red monkey stands for negative thoughts,” says the Slovakian-born trainer, who counts the wife of Hulk Hogan among his clients. “It is only your choice which monkey will rule your head. I believe that people can be taught to keep themselves more balanced over negativity in life, and in this way, enjoy better and more productive lives, which is beneficial for all.”

Kentos’ website includes information and guidelines on his formula for life; photos and descriptions of body sculpting and mind training lessons and projects; and a selection of gift products, including T-shirts, mugs and more, many of which showcase his unique and colorful two-mind message.

For more info or to make a fitness appointment, visit the site, call 239-961-6937 or email [email protected].

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